Madre Body Smooth Salt

Madre Body Smooth Salt

Madre Body Smooth SaltThis salt scrub is a very unique product and I've been loving using it since I got it, so I thought to share my thoughts with you. Usually I don't use salt scrub because it's too harsh on my skin and it can be quite painful. That is because the grains are square shaped and the corner of each grain hurts your skin. But the grains of salt in this scrub is round shaped and do not damage your skin. It doesn't contain oils which makes it suitable for those who don't like oily residue after exfoliating. 

It looks like sorbet doesn't it? It smells of rose which is relaxing for sure. grey active

 The grains melt quicker than I expected but still it's good enough to exfoliate my skin. You can use it on your face, body and scalp even to remove dead skin cells! I tried to polish my scalp but I failed, it's very difficult to reach my scalp without applying the whole scrub on my hair!! I used it on my face as well but it suddenly became so hot (yet it didn't damage my skin at all) which freaked me out so now I'm only using it on my body.kliknij tutaj

I noticed the difference on my skin immediately and now I cannot stop using it! I mainly use it on my upper arms, legs and décolletage to smooth out the skin, and I felt the difference especially on my upper arms as I had dry scaly skin there and now it's completely gone. I am thinking of purchasing the bigger size which is 400g 3990yen, that's pretty expensive for body scrub. I love my Soap and Glory The Breakfast Scrub too so I might use that one up first and see what happens. But still I strongly recommend this body scrub to anyone who wants smoother skin!signilight plus cena