Crochet clothes: baby set

Crochet clothes: baby set

Model Helena came up with this sarafan Pronin. First, fit the top .

Use any small design.drivelan učinek

I have such a rapport: a column with yo, a socket of the 3 columns with yo through 2 loops base.In the second row in staggered pattern (from one station. With yo is female, and from the outlet of the center - one of Art. With NAC. (Photo seen).varicosette ราคา

The back half of the long straps on the ends immediately vyvyazyvaem petelki.(See photo).macho man effect

Instead of buttons and sew vyvyazyvaem chamomile them to the front half.All edges of the wrapped column b / n and the next peak.Or do something come up.drivelan preis

Knitting up from the bottom in a circle, when came the turn of the straps folded in half and counted for the armholes, I went six risunochkov, iethree on the front and three years ago went.fungalor recensioni

From the width of the strap has to 7 drawings, the rear straps longer.Daisies I've done this: knitting a chain of five aircraft hinges and locks into the ring.Then tied with a column of b / n, and already received a ring tied a column of b / n, by introducing the hook in the center of the circle and pulling the thread.(If it is not clear lay out this picture)Skirt round tally (scheme of the Italian magazine), edges wrapped rad peak.galgi

Good luck from myself and from Helen!nicofrin nežiaduce účinky

Dimensions blouses in centimeters, I took out the magazine, and the pattern is very simple (a large pearls)man pride gél

1ryad - 1 individuals., 1izn.

2ryad - a drawing

3ryad - 1izn., 1 persons.

4ryad - on the drawing.

then repeated with a number, ieobtained in a checkerboard pattern.

Neck tied a column with / n, 2 air loop, a column with / n, 2 temperature.loops and so on, so that you can insert the ribbon.

At the end of the column edge obliged b / n and pico. 


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