Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-Wear Eye Kit

Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-Wear Eye Kit

Hello,A little make up review...I just got it yesterday so I cannot be very precise yet.Obviously, I really really like this set, it's a great value for money, I believe. The kit comes with  a gel eyeliner in Black Ink 1, cream eyeshadow Mercury, Cleansing oil and a duel-ended brush. I got it at House of Fraser, I think it's also available in their official online store.Here's the photo of the box.

I'll focus on the eyeshadow, as everyone raves about Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliners anyway.grey active ultra skład

One could think that Mercury is a regular silver colour, but it's not really the case.oficjalna strona

It's a very sheer colour with a lot of glitter. The colour is a quite strange (unusual) too, it's a bit of beige silver with pinkish and bluish sparkles...formexlode na mięśnie

I put two layers in this swatch, then I wanted to smudge it a little to show you also the sparkles - but it did not want to move at all, it just stayed intact. Interesting!Click here to see a larger imageI applied it onto my eyelid too, but I haven't thought it over really, so I have no any other make on my eye, so forgive it for loooking so creepy. It's only one layer, very sheer as you can see...I really like it that it's so light, will work great for the summer. I can also imagine it to look lovely on some darker eyeshadows. Overall, I like this product, it's something different and easy to wear.signilight plus suplement

As for Cleansing oil, I haven't used it yet, and honestly, I don't think I will anytime soon - I have many similar products opened, so it's wiser to wait a little and keep it unopened.macho man επίδραση

See you soon,drivelan dónde comprar

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